Chromies Spread Some BMXmas Cheer To Help Brighten The Season!

For the 4th year, the 4130 Subway Series is teaming up with The Union Mission in skid row with the super fun toy drive!  As always, receive a raffle ticket for awesome prizes for each new, unopened, unwrapped toy you donate!  Light up them bikes, bust out yer Santa hat and help a kid have a holiday to remember!  The chromies always make a big impression with this event, so bring a toy to the December ride meet-up spot and as Santa says:

“…On Mongoose, On Redline, On Robinson & FIT…”

Don't be a Bad Santa, be a RAD SANTA!

Don’t be a Bad Santa, be a RAD SANTA!


4130 Subway Series BMX Turns Four!

Four Year Anniversary Ride Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014!!

4130 Subway Series 4 Year Anniversary!

4130 Subway Series 4 Year Anniversary!

The Chromey Nation of the 4130 Subway Series (the world’s largest monthly group BMX ride) has been tearing up the streets BMX stylee from Hollywood to Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Miracle Mile, Sunset Strip, Eastside to the Westside, down to the O.C. for visits in Santa Ana and Huntington Beach, Oceanside, CA, Las Vegas and back again countless times, leaving a trail of BMX radness in it’s wake.  Inspired by the original, other monthly 4130 BMX series have sprung up over the past couple years such as Las Vegas’ 4130 SiN-CiTY SERiES, the Northwest’s 4130 Subway Series known as PDX-BMX, 4130 River City Series in Jax-FLA, and here’s to the hardcore chromies battling weather year round with heat, rain and currently freezing their ball-bearings off in the 4130 BeanTown BMX crew.  All the chromies seem to come out of the woodwork in big numbers for the anniversary rides and word on the street is the 4 year anniversary ride will be no different!  All BMXers welcome!  www.4130subwayseries.com

In related news, The 4130 Subway Series just released the 2nd track from the soundtrack to their upcoming documentary, crank it!

4130 Subway Series 9/14/13 in Oceanside, CA


Just in case you haven’t heard, it’s half-past the Monkey’s ass and quarter to his… well, you know! So the Chromies will be making the train voyage to celebrate the end of summer 4130 Subway Series ride with the 2nd annual Oceanside extravaganza! All you need to know is this is one sweet ride and you will need to be an early bird and get up with the worms to make it down to the meeting spot at the Oceanside Metrolink station by noon! This is a comfortable train journey with plenty of room for the bikes, so get yer butts outta bed and let’s do this!! See belo’ fo’ da info!



VANS Introduces The LXVI Collection

Back To The Future With The LXVI Collection, VANS’ New Lightweight Action Lifestyle Collection

With a mystery-box teaser campaign leading up to today’s unveiling, VANS introduces their new LXVI Collection. These look super-comfy and if they can keep these ol’ dogs from barkin’, I may become exclusively a VANS lifer! The INSCRIBE model is catchin’ my eye, but they all look hot and just in time for summer!

Check out the VANS LXVI website for all the details and info.


Tony Cardona is back… And this time he’s pissed! Actually, no, he’s having a great time and it shows in this new edit from Empire BMX and Transworld BMX. Intense, burly lines, high speeds and long jumps in this street riding edit that has been getting rave reviews from the BMX community as a whole. Way to go, this is what BMX is about – going for it! Check it out and read more about Tony and this edit over at Transworld BMX, who got the exclusive on the video, awesomely put together by filmer Devon Hutchins. Good Sh*t right there!