RideBMX: Mike “Hollywood” Brancato

RideBMX: Profile’s Mike “Hollywood” Brancato (edit to RUSH song!)

Always love to see what’s new over at RIDE BMX and this edit of Mike “Hollywood” Brancato with his unique style, bag of tricks, tall-ass seat post (yes!) caught our eye and our ears (as you know we are huge fans of the holy triumvirate, RUSH!), as he rides in this edit to their 1984 classic “The Enemy Within.”

Definitely worth a few re-watches!

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Sweet Edit For Etnies’ Terrible One / Ruben Alcantara RVM Signature Shoe

Classic Ruben flow and style. Classic looking Shoe. Wearing these shoes actually enables you to air in slow-mo to Eagle Claw’s “Abacus.” How rad would that be!?

The Stone Foxes – Viper Room, L.A. 11/16/11

Hollywood BMX was lucky enough to catch the Stone Foxes’ final show of the year Wednesday night at Viper Room in L.A. These guys bring the serious rock jam with that classic San Francisco rootsy-blues-psych boogie, with zero pretentiousness! Honest Rock & Roll the old fashioned way! The drummer is a triple threat bringin’ the heat on drums, vocals and even some blues harp!
Check out a taste at Facebook.com/thestonefoxes.com

The Stone Foxes Boogie!

I couldn’t have said it any better than this review here