SUNDAY: Atlanta Vacation!

You followed the SUNDAY team’s Atlanta escapades this spring via Twitter @sundaybikes, Instagram and Facebook. You read the article in RideUK BMX #165, and hopefully by now you have already checked out the video edit that hit this week. If not, immediately go watch and be inspired for your own summer fun! It’s a great trip edit with insane lines from all of the team including birthday boy Gary Young‘s high speed park shredding / peg-sparking, Garret Reeves‘ Alcantara-inspired gaps to wall to flat or the banger mach-5, high altitude, curved wall ride (with quick table thrown in for good measure, as seen on the cover of RideBMX #183 Aug 2012 issue) and the burley up and/or down stairs / whips magic and long-ass fakie / half-cabs line to backwards double peg to hard 180 drop to flat by @theaaronross. (Correct description? Who cares?! That was awesome whatever it is!)


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